A Letter from Hyland's

February 23, 2017

Dear Moms and Dads,

For generations, we at Hyland’s have been proud to offer safe, effective and natural health solutions to families like yours. In fact, for over 90 years, parents have trusted Hyland’s teething medicines to ease the teething pain of infants. We thank you for that longstanding trust.

It is with much sadness that we share the news that we have chosen to suspend the manufacturing of our Hyland’s teething medicines in Canada. This decision was made in light of the warning issued by the Food & Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) against the use of homeopathic teething tablets and gels. This FDA warning is creating confusion among parents in both the US and Canada. In October, Health Canada reviewed the initial information shared by the FDA and Hyland’s and found no imminent health concerns for Canadians. Hyland’s is continuing its cooperation with Health Canada as Health Canada reviews the consumer risks of the all marketed health products in the homeopathic teething preparation category.

Our first commitment is to you, the parents who trust us every day with the wellbeing of your families. Putting you in a position of having to choose who to trust in the face of contradictory information is burdensome. We are committed to supporting you with quality homeopathic medicines as you tackle the incredibly challenging – and rewarding – role of raising your children.

Many retailers have chosen to continue to sell homeopathic teething medicines in their stores while others, because of the announcement, have not. We are confident that any available Hyland’s teething products, including those you already have, are safe for use. Of course, parents who may have concerns should consult with their health care practitioner before using any medicines, read labels carefully and follow all instructions.

For over 100 years, we have dedicated ourselves to providing families like yours and ours with the peace of mind that comes from having the choice of safe, gentle and reliable homeopathic medicines. We are proud of our heritage and expertise in the manufacture and distribution of quality homeopathic medicines reviewed and regulated by Health Canada.

As such, we look forward to the future of homeopathic medicines as we work in partnership with Health Canada. We are committed to setting the highest standards when it comes to caring for your children and grandchildren – and for our own. It’s the foundation of this company. It’s why we come to work every day. Thank you for letting Hyland’s be part of your families.


With sincere appreciation,
The Hyland’s Team of Employees