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Hyland's understands homeopathy, and we understand families.  From Hyland's Teething Tablets to Calms Forté, Hyland's cares for your family at every stage of life.  You can trust all Hyland's products to be natural, gentle, effective, and safe for your family. 

Hyland's develops formulas with the highest quality natural ingredients following the strictest standards for preparation.  With a century of commitment, Hyland's tradition of excellence consistently provides quality and integrity in every product. 

For source information about our medicinal ingredients, please click here to go to Health Canada's Natural Health Products Ingredients Database: then search for the ingredient in question (the "role" is homeopathic) . Under the "Ingredient" column, select the HPUS version.

New Article: Regulation of Homeopathic Drug Products, by John P. Borneman and Robert I. Field.

It's Flu Season!  New, all-natural flu medicine is just for kids.  Get the detail on Complete Flu Care 4 Kids™ here.

Introducing!  Calms Forté 4 Kids™ - an all natural, non-sedative, non-habit forming medicine that offers children temporary relief of nervous tension and restlessness that lead to occasional sleeplessness.  Get the details here.

Newsletters in new .graphic format: Hyland's news bulletins are available in a new .pdf format for consumers and retailers.  Use them to train customers and staff.  Use them as bag stuffers and shelf literature.  Click here to see what's available and download.

New Webs!  Hyland's is developing new "micro-sites" to provide more detailed product information, FAQ's and testimonials for some of our top selling products.  Check them out here: